​Window Tint

Window tint not only provides shade and privacy.  It also reduces harmful UV and infrared light that is harmful to our skin and also over time causes fading and deterioration of your vehicle's interior. 

There are different types of window tint. 

Metallic Films offer a good amount of heat rejection and can be bought in different shades depending varying on your taste.  The drawback is that metallic films can also block gps and cell phone signals which is why many manufacturers have moved towards different types of films.

Carbon / Ceramic

3M Crystalline:  Very high technology film.  The film is made up of 200 layers of crystal which in a thin sheet blocks an extraordinary amount of 

heat and harmful UV light without the need to darken the windows.  This film is good for those who want the protection of window film and heat rejection but want to maintain a stock look or just have a very light shade of tint. 

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Paint Protection || Window Tint || Vinyl Wraps

Elite Auto Films is an established Paint Protection film company in the Bay Area and ranked among the best for their quality of work and commitment to customer service.  Many high line dealers and exotic car collectors will not use any other company but Elite Auto Films which is a testament to their pride in excellence.  

Elite Auto Designs works in house and in full conjunction with Elite Auto Films. 

4370 Technology Dr Fremont CA 94538 US

(510) 936-4601

elite auto designs

Vinyl Wraps

With high quality graphic wrapping material from 3M, Avery, and Oracal. We can transform

your vehicle with a full color change wrap or any design of your choice.  Vinyl wrapping as alternative to paint allows you to be 

creative without the hassles of painting. 

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Paint Protection aka Clear Bra

Is a system where an optically clear film designed for automotive use is applied to your vehicle to protect your vehicle for gravel, small stones and other road

debris that normally pit and damage your new vehicle's paint finish.   Once applied, the film is basically invisible, adding a layer of protection without 

changing the look of your vehicle.  

Paint protection Film requires skill and experience to be applied properly without stretch marks, lift lines, and other installation defects that affect it's "invisible" quality.  As a larger shop, film manufacturers regularly send us samples of their films to use as they improve which allows us to constantly be up to date on the best films currently on the market.  



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