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Elite Performance Tuning

ECU Tuning Group Vehicle Software Tuning 

Most vehicles are de-tuned from the factory to compensate for drivers using poor fuel and postponing required maintenance and service.  In turn, we are left with a vehicle restricted from performing as the engineers designed. 

ECU (Engine Control Unit) Tuning extracts more power, response and efficiency from your vehicle by adjusting ignition timing/air/fuel ratios throughout the rpm range.   This is done by reprogramming existing software in your vehicle.  You'll experience increased acceleration, decrease in hesitation, quicker shifting and a smooth delivery of power through the rpm range.  An added bonus to the tuning is the increased fuel economy.  

ETG Tuning programs are developed through thorough testing and R&D on a top of the line Cartec Dyno in and road testing to ensure a safe and reliable tune that is guaranteed to outperform the competition.  Your vehicle safety systems will be fully operational and emission system fully intact and responsive to pass your local emission tests.  

Our team of engineers develop all of the hardware and software necessary to extract, decrypt and reprogram ECU's from most European vehicles.  

You can trust us as we tune vehicles worldwide and locally for numerous new car dealers, car collectors and enthusiasts. 

Elite Auto Designs is the Northern California Tuning Center for ECU Tuning Group.  A world renown establishment with a long track record of innovation being the first in North America to successfully tune  vehicles ranging from economic daily commuters to high performance exotics.  

Feel free to visit ECU Tuning Group's website and social media pages for up to date information on new vehicle products and releases.

Turbo and Supercharger Upgrades

Vehicles equipped with turbo and supercharger systems are available for upgrade.  We do special port and polishing of supercharger systems along with fitment of turbo and superchargers on vehicle's without them from the factory. 

***Hot Product:  Jaguar and Landrover Supercharged system

                                XK / XKR / / XJ / XJR / XF  and Range Rover / Sport Supercharged 

                                Our ETG Supercharger Pulley and Tune brings all of these models past XKR-S Specifications

                                We have developed a supercharger pulley modification and special tool to remove the stock pulley for easy swap.  The pulley

                                Is discrete and tune tested by Jaguar to be undetectable by dealers.   

***Hot Product: 2013 BMW M5 and M6 Performance Module.  

                               Our module has been tested to increase power on these vehicles to go from 569 to 780 crank horsepower.  Installation of the module                                is simple and transferable to other models after a re-tune.  Buy the module one time and only pay a fraction of the tuning price should                                you trade for another car down the road. Demo 2013 BMW M5 is available for test drives at our Fremont, CA location

                               *** Axle Back Exhaust System has been developed for the F10 M5 to work with ETG Tuning module.  Downpipes are currently in R&D                                  phase as of 11/26/13. Stay tuned for updates

***Mercedes Bi-Turbo 550 and 63 Tuning

                            This vehicle has been a very popular car for us.   550 models receive and 80hp Gain and 63 AMG models get 100+ depending on the                                    vehicle.  

Website in progress.  Please contact us for details on your vehicle.  

We currently have tuning programs available for:

Aston Martin, Audi, Bentley, BMW, Ferrari, Jaguar, Land Rover, Lamborghini, Mercedes, Porsche, Rolls Royce, Volkswagen